Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Shawn is back to work! Whoo Hoo! He was so excited about going back to work today that he could barely sleep last night.
No, seriously. That is the way he is.

I found out today that we owe aprrox. $600 and then we are caught up on our rent.
I am talking about more than three grand we will have paid off! We have been paying an extra $300+ every month to get it paid down. I am soo psyched! This will give us an extra couple hundred in our pockets every month. It will make a huge difference for us.

I am heading out with my SIL tomorrow, to see her new lawyer with her. I have mixed feelings about this. I have my doubts as to whether or not SIL will actually follow through with the custody/support thing from her abusive almost ex. On the other hand, she needs a friend in her corner. I know more than the average person about custody/asshole issues, so I guess that I am the friend of the day. Or week. We'll see how long this lasts.

My SIL from Nova Scotia is coming by on Saturday. She will be in Toronto for a few days doing some kind of training, and she will make the trip from there to see us. I love my SIL, TMOC's wife. I have known her since I was 15. It seems as though she has always been a part of the family. Sometimes I wish that she lived closer, but then I remember that would mean that TMOC would live closer too. Lol. That makes me rethink my statement :)

Jessica is fine. I am not certain how I feel about her hanging at the mall without one of her sisters there for back up. I am kicking myself because since we have had zero cash flow, our cell phone account is suspended. I hate having her out there and not being able to reach her. I know that it is not the end of the world and lots of kids go without cell phones every day. Lots of kids are not diabetic with a seizure disorder, though. Now, this mess at the mall? I am loathe to let her out of my sight.
I have no idea how I will react if we see these thugs at the mall. I am liable to freak out...
I know what you are all thinking...Biddie? Freak out? No way!

I know, cuz I am normally soo even tempered!

Oh, did I tell you that I am going to be a grandma?

Ruby and Bumble are expecting.
How awesome is that?
My poor lil 8 lb dog is so fat that she looks like she swallowed a watermelon, and Bumble seems to strutting his stuff more than usual.

January 15 th would have been my Dad's 75 th birthday. I still can't believe that he has been gone nearly 10 years. I think that I will go through my old home videos. I can't remember his voice anymore. That is what I miss the most - just hearing his voice.

Maybe that is what I will do....spend some time with my Dad later today.

Have a great Thursday, everyone.


Biddie said...

I have no idea what is going on with bloggr. I had a heck of a time posting this so that you could even read the words...Sort of. It's still messy. Anyone else having blogger issues???

farmer dave said...

i was happy to go back to work after my crimbo break, its not nice being in debt been there myself but once your out of debt its a great feeling, our asda's are part of the wall mart group a big company in your part of the world, and they are great supermakets

hope you have a good day and stay safe

Marni said...

You are going to have some Rumbles! Or Bumbys!!! How cool is that!

CindyDianne said...

I bet those are gonna be some super cute puppies! We are going to need some pictures.

The Preacherman said...

Howdo Granny ;-)

I'd love a puppy but I suspect the cats would eat it.....

well unless I did a deal with the local Chinese of course....

Gabriel said...

That's excellent news about Shawn, Biddie. I'm also happy and relieved to know that Jessica is doing well, though I know you probably still aren't.

Don't worry, neither am I, and I'm just a guy who met your daughter once or twice... but these kind of things just make me see red, like I said in my blog today...

Burfica said...

I like Rumbles. hahahahhahaa

I want a rumble, you'll send me one right??? hehehehe

I know what you mean about the no cell phone. My son walks to and from school, and I worry my head off each minute he is late. Makes me want to get him a phone. Alot of kids his age have one, but I'm not sure I want to get him one just yet, he's still so young.

Biddie said...

farmer dave - I don't think that we have been out of debt, but we are working on it. I wonder what it would be like to not have bills hanging obver your head?? I can alwaya dream, right?? lol

marni - We are calling them rumbles, too. At least, I am. There will be tons of photos! I am so excited! We have about 6 people interested already and I think that she will only have about three...

cindydianne - LOADS of pics, don't worry. We are on pins and needles waiting for the pups.

preacherman - Our cats and dogs get along fine, but Kayla's kitten is a bit like a meth head. Worries me a tad.
I'll give you a pup if you come to get it :)

Biddie said...

gabriel - Isn't it the best news?? His boss actually apologized for the long lay off and told him that he plans on finding work for him for the next few months. He is over the moon happy. He was ready to take another job (would have started today, I think) for twice as much work and half the pay. This has worked out soo much better!
I have a bit of news regarding the mall incident. I'll email it to you.

burfica - Well, if you come to my place you can get yourself one!
I really was not going to get Jessica a cell phone. I thought that is was just something that kids don't need. Plus, like you said, she was only 12 when she got her first one.
She was taking the city bus to school alone, though, and her health was beginning to suffer, so I gave in. It has been a Godsend, to tell you the truth. I only pay about $75 a month for it, well worth the money. With Shawn being out of work I haven't been able to pay it, and it may take us a month to pay off the whole bill. ( I have cable/internet/home phone/ cell phone all on one bill).
Sometimes I wish that I had a pay as you go one kicking around.

Christine said...

Thank God you have done such a good job raising your kids. Jessica knew she could count on you. I'm glad she's ok.

Christine said...

And, just re-size the photo and your post will look all pro

Alekx said...

Great great news about Shawn. Yayyy team.

Spend some time with your dad. I just realized burf and my's mom will be gone 3 years tomorrow.
Now I'm a little sad.

Anonymous said...

great to hear that your man is back in work.
Kids worry us so so much even now mine has left and has a kid of his own i still worry!
and being a grandma yipeee cant wait to ee photos of them, i am wondering how many you will keep to join your family?!