Thursday, January 22, 2009

Still in loads of pain ( I am a wuss, what can I say??) and Ruby is still preggers.
I'll be back when I am not crying/whining/moaning all of the time and/or Ruby makes me a grandma.


aims said...

Feeling for you - at least it's all uphill from here!

(and you're not a wuss)

Burfica said...

man you need to call that dentist back if your still in pain like that. Unless it was a more detailed surgery and your supposed to be in pain a few days. I was for a few days, but I had all the stitches and stuff, do you have that???

Biddie said...

Aims - Good point..It must be all uphill from here :)

Burfica- My stitches fell out the 1st day, actually, but yeah, it was nasty.
They were pretty much cut out of mouth, not so really pulled. The bottom one is feeling ok, but the top one??? Not so great. It was difficult to get out, I am trying not to think of it. (Yuck).
I had dental surgery about 7 ish years ago, and I was on my ass for 10 days straight. I had painkillers the whole time though.This time, I am nearly out a couple of days in.
I have to see my shrink tomorrow, I wonder if he will give me some meds???

Palm Springs Savant said...

hold on Biddie, yikes.

Biddie said...

palm springs savant - With both hands, my friend :)

Gardenia said...

Oh, I hope this ends quickly - - I's a wuss too - life too short to be in pain! Wanna have fun.

whimsical brainpan said...


Feel better soon!