Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Not a Total Crap-Fest..........................................

I should tell you, the weekend wasn't a total crap- fest. I got to sneak in a visit with my favourite people and pug in the whole world. That's right, Heidi, Jethro, The Boy, The Girl, and The Pug, all came to visit. We rarely get a chance to visit, due to the unfortunate lack of automobile, and the great distance......That should all change after Heidi and Jethro buy their farm. I know that farms are generally OUT of town, but it will be much closer to THIS town. I can't wait.
It seems that Ruby and the Pug are in love. There was a definite connection. I can't help but wonder what pug/yorkie-shih-tzu's would look like?


CindyDianne said...

Glad y'all got a chance to visit. Wish I could... I would love to meet you and Heidi in person! Maybe someday, huh?

Pug/yorkie-shih-tzu mix would likely be fairly...unusual?

Hope you are having a great day.

Anonymous said...

well I have a couple of pics in my minds eye
1. a pug dog face and a shih-tzu's body.
2. a shih-tzu's face and a pug dog's body.
either way it would be a weird looking dog.

Anonymous said...

A farm? like the whole sha-bang with cows and horses and pigs and chickens and yorkie-pug-shih-tzu's?

dilling said...

visits with bestests...that is a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

oh me want to come visit too

Nonny said...

pug, yorki, shitszu would be absolutely precious.

Life, or Something Like It said...

cindydianne - I wish that you could come visit, too. I think that The Pug and Ruby would make wonderful babies. Jethro thinks that this may be a good way to see if the Pugs little snip actually worked....I'm having a fine day, thank you!

Jo - I think that Ruby and the pug would have cute little babies. I just don't think that I could deal with the high energy babies that we would get!

ldbug - Yes,a real farm. Mostly with horses, I think. I do think that Heidi would have more dogs, and some barn cats, tho. You should hop over to her and check it out.

dilling - you know it!

her indoors - you would have to come OUTdoors, to visit, tho.

nonny - I think that they would be precious, too. The Pug and Ruby are both so good natured, and sweet, but way high energy. I did have a lady stop by my house today and ask if she could have a puppy, tho...Ruby doesn't even have a boyfriend, yet!


Weird. that's what it would look like. Loveable but weird.

Heidi the Hick said...

yeah, loveable and weird! let's hear it for!!! I'm a big fan of loveable and weird!!!

I'm going to have a farm with 14 horses, at least 2 dogs, a plethora of cats, 3 steers and 2 pigs. I might have a chicken named Kentucky. I will for sure have a garden and name it Salad!

I hope the Pug makes a good farm dog.

If dogs can fall in love, then that was definitely IT!!!

Kate Isis said...

Hiya Life,
Kinda curious myself to see what pug / yorkie / shih - tzu's look like.
Glad to hear you had a good weekend.
Hugs from Australia

The Adult in Question said...

1.a chicken named Kentucky...lmao.
2.More dogs than cats.
3.I love the Pug.

captain corky said...

Life, I know this is a little off topic, but I was wondering, do you guys do any trout or salmon fishing up there. One day I'm going to go to Canada and spend a couple weeks fishing, and then I'm going to smuggle my fish back into America.