Monday, May 11, 2009


Jessica had a visit with her specialist today and she has gained another three pounds. Of course,
we all cheered. (I gain weight all of the time and nobody congratulates me.) She has been working hard at keeping her bg where it should be, eating right and exercising more. I am so proud of her. This has been an incredible struggle for her, but we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I see my shrink this week. I have been on my Wellbutrin for about a year now, I think. It is not working the way that it should, or I need my dose upped again. Not sure which, but I just feel so down most of the time. My manic episodes are few and far between these days. That sounds great, but the reality is that I would rather be laughing then crying. I am going to talk to him about my panic attacks, too. Maybe there is something that will help me with both.

The other big event this week is that I am going to be catching up with an old friend. Kim and I were inseparable when we were kids. We did everything together, and I got her into so much trouble. I don't know what I would have done without her during my Smallburg years.
We haven't seen each other since..1993, when her mom passed away. We have spoken on the phone, and emailed each other, but it has been 16 years since I have seen in person. Way too long, in my opinion. She is due to have her 1st baby any day, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that he doesn't decide to make an early appearance.

There is one other thing. Shawn and I have to do something tomorrow that can change the course of our lives...It could be nothing, but I am worried. I have been doing the whole positive
thinking thing, but I am scared outta my mind. Do me a favour? Send us some good vibes.

Biddie x


Gabriel said...

Good to see so many good and nice news. Good luck tomorrow! I'll be sending positive vibes from here (where am I today?)

Biddie said...

Gabriel - Where ARE you, anyway??
I am so pleased with Jessica. She really has been putting forth a huge effort in her own care. She is soo tall, and she looks great!
I am so looking forward to my upcoming visit with Kim, too.

Cheryl said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's always great to meet someone new. I hope this is a good and positive week for you. The sun is shining here :)

Heidi the Hick said...

hugs for Jessica!

And all kinds of prayers for you and Shawn. (Always.)

You will say hi to Kim from me, right? I'm so glad you're getting together again. Didn't you say she and her husband are on a dairy farm??? Did I hear that right or did I dream that?

Make your shrink listen to you. I know I'm one to talk here, but you don't have to suffer.

Also your profile needs to be updated... only 2 dogs.

Biddie said...

cheryl - The sun is shining here, too and so far, it has been a glorious day!
I love meeting new bloggers, too :)

Heidi - Ok, the profile. I have updated it about three times already and I have decided to just leave it for now. I could give up blogging altogether and just do profile updates! Unless you wanna write something cool for me....
Kim's inlaws own a dairy farm and she and D live on a farm of their own. The Someday Farm. yes, you heard right, she is farm girl. Friend her on facebook and you will see the pics. Who would have thunk it?
Of course I will say hi for you!
I am going to make my shrink listen. I HAVE to. I only get to see him like 4 tiimes a year or something so I have to make it count.
Shawn and I are leaving in a couple of hours. His appointment is for 3:20. I will call you and let you know if it is bad news, but I am thinking positively!

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog and stopped in to say hi. Love the pic of your tiny new nephew. No wonder you are so proud!


Biddie said...

Hi, Peter! Thanks for stopping by. I am always happy to hear from someone new.
I love that pic too. He is the new love in my life :)

Biddie said...

I forgot to add - It will take a couple of days to know if the good vibes worked or not. Keep sending them, k?

Kimber said...

Hey chickadee, it was lovely to see you last night. You're right, it's been too long. Glad we had a chance to reconnect. Those pics are frigging hilarious! Ahhh..the pink glasses and perm days...

On a more serious note, I am thinking of you and Shawn and hoping things are okay. I know how nerve racking it can be to wait for results. Positive thinking is important, even if it is a cheesy and overused term these days! Even if they aren't okay, you will get through it together.

Here's a good mantra I use from St. Julian of Norwich; she was one cool lady: "All will be well. And all will be well. And all manner of things will be well."

Take care...

Biddie said...

It was so good to see you, Kimishka. It was like all of the years just melted away and there we were again.
As for that perm? I have no excuse, really. My sister and I had matching perms, remember? Lol. The 80's...
I will let you know as soon as I hear something. In the meanwhile, you take care of your little one. Let me know when he (she??) has a name :)
B x

Gardenia said...

Everyone that I know that has taken Wellbutrin including myself has found that it fizzles out after a few months - depending on the person. It is hard to fight through the cloud to get the positive thoughts moving through . . .hand in there!