Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I was in the middle of a long, thought provoking post, when the blasted internet closed on me. I hate when that happens!

Since my family got ripped on the whole Christmas Holiday thing, I am soo far behind. I have been dying to tell you all about my favourite gifts! There were jammie pants (I live in them ), and a new purse, and of course, you all saw my Laverne and Shirley tree ornament.

What I didn't get a chance to tell you about was this. My very first Royal Dalton.
Betty collects them, and ever since I was a little kid, I have wanted some of my own.
This Christmas, my former MIL, Lynn, gave me this one.

She has a collection left to her by her mom (she lives in a nursing home). Ever since Lynn was a little girl, she dreamed of passing the collection on to her daughter. Well, she had three sons. She gave me this figurine on Christmas Day, and said that I am only person that she has ever wanted to give this to.

I DIDN'T cry, but it was close. With all of the stuff going on, I knew that if I started crying, I would never stop.

Can you believe it?

This was another of my favourite gifts. (Yes, I know that the photo is upside down. Sigh. I suck)

Bumble Slippers!

KC's bf, Spencer gave them to me. I love them so much that I am not even going to wear them. I seem to have a small Bumble collection now, and I am going to put them with the others.

Are these cool, or WHAT?

Boxing Day was awesome, too. The Heidi family came to the hospital, and we had the whole cafeteria to ourselves. It was like renting a community centre, but for free! It was nice, because there were no distractions, and I got to spend time with Bucky and The Girl. It was just what I needed. I laughed like I have haven't laughed in ages.

Gabriel and Gaby stopped by, too. I LOVE Gaby. She has the most beautiful smile. She plays Gabriels straight man, and I could watch them all day. Honestly, it made my day, having my new friends, and my 'old' friends with me.

I think that the highlight of the day was when Heidi opened her POTC birthday card, and stood on a chair to do a little dance to the music. Jethro turned about 1o shades of red. It was a great day.

It wasn't a bad Christmas after all.


Christine said...

You have a gift to see the sunshine on an overcast day. Christmas isn't about the gifts, but the giving; not about people but friends and family.
Wishing you all health and good times for 2008.

Gabriel said...

You're right. Gaby is Abbott, I'm Costello.

Or if you prefer, she's Dean Martin and I'm Jerry Lewis. Or Moe and Curly! :-)

It was great spending some time with you guys on Boxing Day. I'm so happy that Jessica is feeling better!

Biddie said...

Christine - I am trying. It's not easy. I am just happy that we got to bring Jessie home on Christmas day, and we still had family time. The rest is just gravy, really.
How are you?

Gabriel - I was thinking of Martin and Lewis, actually :)
It was good to see you, too. You made my day.
Jessie is doing much better. Still high bg's, but overall, they are near perfect. That is just the way that it is with Jessie.
We go baack to see her Dr. on Friday. I am keeping my fingers crossed that her weight has stayed the same. As long as we don't get any more bugs in the house, I think that she will be fine.
It is SO good to have her home again!

Heidi the Hick said...

Hey, I do what I can.

(Did he really blush? Loser! You think he'd be used to being embarrassed by me after all these years!)

whimsicalnbrainpan said...

Glad to hear that there was some light among all the darkness.

Heather said...

Love the slippers! lol

I'm glad you had some happiness too B.

Biddie said...

Heidi - That's what I said! LOL. Honestly. I think that it was what you SAID when you were dancing with the card that made him blush, though :)

whimsical - We did manage to have some fun. It's hard not to when Heidi is around. :)

Heather - Hey! I PROMISE that I will be on msn soon. Shawn is still home, and now KC is home more...No privacy, no quiet time. Been thinking about you tho. Everything good on your end?

rain said...

I say - wear those awesome slippers!!!

Biddie said...

Rain - I can't. They are TOO awesome :)

Tod said...

Those are cool presents and it was good to hear that you were able to have some laughter and your friends around you at the hospital. :)

jAMiE said...

Awww, i think you s hould wear those slippers too and look fabulous in them...but i understand why you dont want to.

Glad you enjoyed your Christmas surrounded by family and friends.

What a lovely Royal Doulton figurine..i know you cherish it already.