Thursday, January 03, 2008

This was taken last week, on Christmas Day. Jessica had a day pass, and we brought her home for our family dinner and to open gifts. Look at that smile.
I wish that she was doing more of that.
She might be home the day after tomorrow. Her vital signs are stable (well, more so) but her blood sugar is all over the place. They keep changing and tweaking it, trying to figure out why she is still high or low. I have news for them. This is how it has been for 10 years. There is no rhyme or reason some days, that is just how it is.
Her regular doctor is gone, so we might have to wait until he comes back before she can come home.
Shawn is at the hospital again with her, for the night. He is so good about these things. I don't know what I would do without him some days.
Thanks for coming back everyday. It means alot :)
Ok. It is 1 am. I just got a phone call from Shawn. Jessie is getting a roommate, and Shawn is walking home from the hospital. Her room is a single, and with an extra bed, there is no room for him. The extra bed takes up so much room that you can't open the door all of the way.
I am so fed up. I am done. Jessie will wake up, and she will be alone. I don't know what I will do, because there is literally NO PLACE for me sit with her tomorrow. Seriously. She had a roomie yesterday, and I got her moved. It was horrible. I don't mind sharing, but can we share a room that is meant for two kids? Maybe I am being unreasonable....I am just tired. This has been the worst Christmas holiday EVER and I want my baby home, NOW.
Jessica is so depressed that I am worried about her. I can't imagine why.
If her doctor were here, she would already be home.
I can not leave my daughter at that place for one more night.
I just want her home.


The Adult in Question said...

I want Jessie home.

Burfica said...

lets hope it can get all squared away and answered when her regular doctor gets back.

Biddie said...

KC - me too :)

burfica - I don't know if any of us can wait that long. Jessica is bored, and lonely, and just plain miserable. Now, we can't even spend the night with her. She will wake up in the morning and be alone. I hate this so much.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Biddie. As soon as her doctor is back everyone will jump to attention. Meanwhile you can be a Momma Bear and raise hell about the roommate.

Tod said...

How can they squeeze two patients into a single room? How stupid. I hope it all gets sorted soon Biddie.

Cynnie01 said...

Biddie.. the only way to get a reaction is by taking action.. if you don't want jessica by herself, then raise another big fuss :) i found out the hard way that unless you make a stink, things don't change. it was that way when Mr Monster was in the hospital for a week with his asthma. i kept my mouth shut for a few days, and then just got mad enough that i blew.. you should have seen how fast they came to attention ~grin~ he was 8, and hated every second he was there... it gets very boring for kids. you're right, there is only so much they can do. tv gets old really fast. and its hard being in a place that prevents you from getting proper rest, not to mention it isn't "HOME". i have read that kids recouperate faster when they are in familiar surroundings. my love, and prayers go out to you, and your family. i think about you all the time !!!

Marni said...

I want her home, too! Hugs to you all!

whimsicalnbrainpan said...