Monday, May 14, 2007

Every year for Mothers Day, I get homemade cards and some kind of craft made in school, that has been snuck into the house, all hush hush. KC writes me a poem, or shares a memory, that more often than not, makes me cry happy tears. This year was a little different.

KC took m eto the movies on Friday night. We saw 28 Weeks Later, which is the sequel to one my all time favourite movies. She even paid for snacks. It was different..going out with my all grown up daughter, and having her pay. I won't lie. I could get used to it.

On Saturday, Kayla and Jessica went to the farmers market and bought me these beauties. Another favourite of mine.

Kayla watched a documentary at school earlier in the week. It was about children in developing countries, and what their lives are like. There was a line that said something like..'you complained because your parents bought you Nikes instead of Adidas..She only has one pair of shoes, and they're made out of pop bottles.'

Now, maybe another kid would take something away from that...You know like...Wow, have I got it good. Well, Kayla had a different take on it. She and Shawn spent part of the afternoon making pop bottle shoes. AFTER she wore them, she realized that she really did have it lucky. I think that she and Shawn are working on a design for sandals, now.

On Sunday, I slept in,and when I woke up, Shawn made me an omellette with sausages, and french vanilla coffee. Oh yeah. The fun didn't end there. I got watch the last half of another favourite movie of mine, Bachelor Mother, with Ginger Rogers and David Niven. Then, the girls gave me their gifts, that they bought, with their OWN money.

This is Max. Jessica made him at Build A Bear, and he's wearing Bearboxers.

Kayla bought me this angel. It is the second that she has given me...I think that I am starting a collection.

Shawn made quiche and pie, and Kayla made a cake...I ate so much that I am STILL full. Later, after dinner, we watched Land Of The Lost, and some other scary stuff that freaked out the kids. Hey, it was Mothers Day, my choice.

I was going to get an ipod shuffle (purple), but we decided to have hot water, instead. That's right, hot water. The gas company came out on Friday, to cut off our gas without giving us ANY notice. Yuppers. We got the bill paid, but since we also had to pay a reconnect fee, and my arrears plus my new bill, we were a bit short.
Here's the thing that gets me. The woman that came out to cut the gas was the same woman that we dealt with before. The same woman that refused to work out a payment plan the first time around. She is an OFFICE worker, yet she took it upon herself to come out and cut our gas. Since when do the office girls do the dirty work?
The best part? She LAUGHED and smiled while she did it, reminded me again that I had a $3000 bill in the past. I reminded her that we paid that bill, in cash, and that this is an entirely DIFFERENT bill. I asked her WHY they would come out and turn off our gas without any notice. (which they are required to do)
Her response?
They didn't have my phone number. Well, they had it December when they called to tell me that I had 3 days to come up with 3 grand. When I reminded her of THAT, her reply was that my phone had been disconnected.
Nope. Still works.
I hate to sound paranoid, but I knew that she would not let this go. She is going to be a pain in my ass until she retires, or dies. She TOLD ME SO.
Well, I didn't curse her out, or even raise my voice, and believe me, I wanted to. I came so close to violence, it's not funny. I said this to her.
"There's a little something called Karma, and it's gonna kick you in the ass."

P.S. I got some news about Lucky. She is home now, but on oxygen 24/7. The doctors can't figure out why her oxygen levels are so low, and it worries me. I wish that I could be there to help her. Sometimes, I feel the distance between us so profoundly.


Camie Vog said...

OMG! YES! Karma! I am right there with you sista!

Hubby just found out that the bastard who kicked him out of the evil Union last year was kicked out of the Union 3 WEEKS after terminating my Hubs!!!

Last year, I told Hubs, What goes around comes around, and that bastard will get his". Sure enough... Hahahaha, so gas lady better watch her back!!

Oh, Biddie... What are your three favorite colors???

Biddie said...

Camie- I LOVE Karma! You are so right....
My 3 fav colours? Hmmm...all shades of purple, really, and black. Not a colour, I know, but still my fav.
How was your moms day?

Camie Vog said...

Thanks for the info, Biddie!

My mom's day was a-okay. Nice and relaxing, hung out at my moms with my nephew, sister and all the babies. It was a good day.

Heidi the Hick said...

She really made the shoes?!?

She is amazing. Actually it doesn't surprize me. I'd love to see a photo, hint hint.

Biddie said...

Heidi - I was going to show you a photo...I KNEW that you would like to see one...Thing is, being made out of pop bottles, they are mostly see thru, and hard to capture on my cell phone...OF COURSE she made the shoes..You knew she would. Kayka just informed me that she DOES in fact have aphoto...Hmmmm, we'll see what we can do!

fancy-face said...

hey biddie thanks for stopping by....and your 100% right to bad not all shelters were the same..and god bless u for giving your little friend a second

Heidi the Hick said...

Tell KK to keep those shoes cuz next time I come over, I'm wearin 'em!!!!

mjd said...

That Kayla is some kid. I am wondering what the pop bottle shoes look like.

It sounds like the gas lady is a little paranoid herself. She should spend her time sending a notice through the mail. Or since she made the trip to your home, she could notify you in person about the problem instead of coming to your home to harass you. Can I borrow your quote, "There's a little something called Karma, and it's gonna kick you in the ass." I might need some ammunition tomorrow to talk to a disgruntled parent about her daughter's behavior in my seventh grade science class.

Biddie said...

fancy face - I wish that all shelters were no kill, and that more people would adopt a furry friend.

Heidi - I'm sure that she'll make more...what size are you?

mjd - Kayla said that she has aphoto, so maybe I can post it...The gas lady has done everything in here power to mess with us. She is supposed to send out a notice that gives you about 3 days notice. If she had, we would have paid our $200 and not had to go without hot water for 48 hours, and would have not had to worry about a reconnect fee.
I feel sorry for her. She seems to get pleasure from tormenting people, and yeah, Karma. It's gonna kick her in the ass. Borrow the quote. I love it!.

captain corky said...

It sounds like you got very spoiled for Mother's day. You deserve nice things Biddie. You put up with a lot of shit, like the gas lady for example.

Anonymous said...

Hi biddie, I just cant wait to see that film been waiting for it to come out for ages. You got some wonderful presents. Happy mother's day to you.

her indoors said...

you had a great day then and you deserve it, good news that Lucky is home. we want to see the photo of the shoes too!

CindyDianne said...

That gas lady doesn't even deserve the term ASS-HAT! You are a better woman than I. I hate to imagine what I would do to her.

Biddie said...

Corky - Thank you..I don't know if I deserve nice things..well, actually, now that you mention it, maybe I do..Just think, next year Mrs. Corky will be getting breakfast in bed! Isn't it exciting?!

Jo - I really liked the movie, even tho the critics didn't. I say, go see it.

her indoors - Everyone wants to se the shoes! I am so glad that Lucky is home, too. Did you have agood Mothers Day?

CindyDianne - The gas lady (and I use the term 'lady' very loosely!)reallyis an ass hat. She seems to take her job very seriuosly, and I wonder what- or who is in her life? Sad.
I hope that you had a great Mothers Day, too.

paddy said...

It's hard to feel for others when you're short yourself I know this for a fact. I hate money it's a curse without and (funny how we see it as) a blessing with. At least that's what they say in Hollywood: how blessed thay all are, but there's some truth in it.
Glad to hear about Lucky, and I do hope she is okay.

her indoors said...

biddie we celebrate mothers day in march dont know why its at a different month

ldbug said...

Glad you had a good mother's about the utility lady, what a bitch!! Come on karma, come on....

Wandering Coyote said...

I had such a hard time watching "28 Days Later..." that I'm not sure I want to see the sequel.